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Service & Repairs

martins engineering heavy machinery shaft and bearings

We carry out some great work in record time for many of our clients. When you have a machine break down which can happen at very short notice, we do our utmost to get your machinery running again, sometimes through the use of innovated methods where possible.

However; the situation may allow for the repair to be manufactured offsite, while the production machinery may not work at full speed in this mode until the component repair is completed. This means that if possible the production line is kept running, which is often preferred, than to having the line stopped all together.

On other occasions this may not be possible and the hard truth of the matter is that the machinery will need to be stopped for the repair to be carried out.

This is a good example of where an audit, of the historical records for the machine in question may be helpful to put light on reoccurring problems in their early stages of development? Thus utilising engineering crews to always be aiming to be proactive as much as possible, as opposed to being forced into reactive situations that may lead to dire consequences and lost of production time.

By conducting an analysis of past performance and viewed on a regularly bases, using up to date monitoring techniques, many repairs on modern machinery can be avoided with the result of machine down time being greatly reduced!

In these instants we will advice our clients on holding a stock of key spares to help maintain production machinery up time. This is a crucial factor in modern high volume high speed production lines.

In times of economic down turn I have seen the mind set of some management people take the view that engineering spares are seen as dead money in the stores…! But when a major break down arrives and key machinery is stopped for a number of days or longer, through the shortage of spares that are not available but have got to be made immediately!

Heads are turned and thoughts of getting adequate spares becomes so fundamental to the overall economic viability of the production operation, that decisions have got to be made by the company to reduce these occurrence to a minimum.

Hopefully by having the engineering and production staff involved in drawing up the priorities as seen by them as they are the people “at the coal face” and can easily assess what is needed in scale & quantity.

Then it’s up to the company team as to the time scale that spares are built up, to future proof production operations and maintain productivity over the long term.