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Need a Consultant for your Corrugating business

In this field of expertise I have joined forces with a well established Company with many years of unique experience in this area of activity. Who can demonstrate and inspire a keen understanding of their expertise & depth of knowledge in the corrugating and solid fibre board industries.

We have recently been involved in the early stages of several large projects providing specialist advice.

From these activities we have identified the potential for future growth and the continued development of our partnership.

Together we can share with you a wealth of “hands on” industrial experience accumulated over many years in these industries.

With our ability to problem solve and deliver solutions to our customers who have achieved impressive results not only in the UK, but also across Europe, Southern Africa, Australia & the Middle East.

Here are some Consulting Projects we have tackled successfully;

Project Management
Factory Layouts
New for Old Machinery Replacement
Electronic Upgrade recommendations
Production Data Analysis
Production Flow Simulations
Product Bottle-Neck removal advice

So if you are a company with any of the above requirements, why not contact us here for friendly advice. See if we can help you ease your problems and help you get your factory into increased productivity and or improved product quality.

These are some of the benefits you can experience from our introduction to your manufacturing unit.