Modern Reel Handling Methods

Modern Reel Handling Methods

I am constantly amazed at the number of people in various factories that I visit in this industry, that ask me about how reels of paper or cardboard & finished products can be automated or moved around a modern manufacturing enterprise?

Younger people in various fields of engineering and production machine operators can learn a lot here, from just watching…!

To personal friends please take note…Tomasz, Arek, Joseph and yes, you too Tom, thanks for the pleasure & the opportunity.

See what can be made to happen when the right attitude, coupled with good investment planning is organised and managed from a top grade quality management team, involved in a large scale high volume converting operation as shown here.

Many people can only dream of working in a modern factory production unit like this one!

But we can all take something from seeing an operation like this one in action. You will see a fascinating insight into how this industry is changing.

Taking a bird’s eye view of this automated product movement, from the start of the process to the end, you will be impressed…! or just sit back and enjoy the experience of what is out there available right now in this kind of industry.

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