Modern Reel Handling Methods

Post Views: 127 I am constantly amazed at the number of people in various factories that I visit in this industry, that ask me about how reels of paper or cardboard & finished products can be automated or moved around a modern manufacturing enterprise? Younger people in various fields of engineering and production machine operators […]

Industrial Engineers We Can Make a Difference?

Post Views: 725 I have always had a happy job as every day was a new adventure to work with new challenges. But sometimes, you know how it is, you can have an off day…? Some have said that I have the dream job…? Well immmmm..! YES..? See what other people have got to say, […]

All Corrugators Should Run Like This

Post Views: 741 This is the kind of machinery that can inspire you to do better…! Have you not heard…! but that is our only aim…? You should go and get yourself a coffee before you stop to look at this machine run. Here is a great example of what can be achieved in a […]

Was Steam the real Driver of the Industrial Revolution?

Post Views: 665 Steam powered machinery was running as far back as 1780’s, but slow and dangerous. So it was not the first thing to be on the minds of new factory owners! However; with the cost of coal, wool and iron falling in the early 1800’s, which was helped by the new transport system […]

I Like to Give Them Something to Talk About

Post Views: 290 Where are the Four Golden Fathers of the early Industrial Revolution…? Where would you go to see them on display today? What kind of place would you expect to see them in, or their surroundings ? Write me a comment below if you know!  

Build Something Great

Post Views: 195 How nice it is to be involved with good people on your team so you can go out and build something great…!

Welcome To My World

Post Views: 207 Welcome To My New Website…! In this creation it is not going to be built like any other that you may have view on the internet. This is going to be my creation and how I wish to build it & put it together is going to very interesting both for me […]