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Here at Martin's Engineering I have a great team of Key Partners that have worked closely together on many projects over a number of years.

Our main work is in the paper, corrugated & solid fibre board industry. We can supply a one off machine, or a complete production line to the corrugated & solid fibre board converting companies. Here we can help and assist any company in this field become much more dynamic & responsive to the needs of their customers in the supply chain of their product market place. All this can be achieved at very competitive costs when looking at like for like machinery.

Product Handling Systems;

We can make a one off machine conveyor system to handle sheet/bundles/pallets, to feed your product into a machine, or to transport the processed product away from your machine or workstation. Or to make, supply and install a complete modern warehouse product handling system that will help to increase your productivity, reduce waste and meet modern health and safety requirements.  

Problem Solving;

Is one of the biggest areas of work we see, especially with web material handling & control, where we will survey the layout and advice on methods of good practice, to help correct the resulting problems.

The 4 main problems that keep reappearing are;

  1. Poor roller and bearing mounting/support design
  2. Inadequate web tension control
  3. Poor brake response & controller variations
  4. Not applying and maintaining good roller design alignment practices

Machine Design & Build;

I have been closely involved with the design & building of many bespoke machines for use in the Paper & Board Sheeting and Laminating enterprises, along with various ancillary converting Machines over the last 40 years.
In this time I have seen many changes take place, one of most striking that I was involved with, was a top secret conversion that was carried out in the early 1980's...!

This was a new cutting edge Line control system technology of its day, where production operators would input all product details into cells on the screen of the first BBC colour monitors, with a number of production orders entered at random. Then, you could select the order you wished to run them in. Finally select whether you wanted to change each order by manual or automatic mode, which meant that there was minimum or no waste material produced between orders.

This factor alone was responsible for impressive product cost savings. It was now possible to run very short orders, back to back at a profit because the machine did not need to be stopped between order changes. This one important factor became an operators dream to use!

Here was one of the first Direct Drive Knife's fitted into a solid fibre board laminating machine. The increase in production and productivity of this machine was beyond belief to many in the company at that time.
It was a number of years later before the full potential of this machine’s capabilities where fully realised when it started to work 24 hours a day.

Needless to say I have built many of these machines over the following years, where I incorporated many new and innovative technical changes into each build. These improvements were not common place or utilised in many similar machines in this industry generally. In fact they were ahead of their time, as various service engineers would remark, where did we get these innovations made or supplied from? (No Comment...!)

Now all of these new technical engineering improvements that I implemented were to give the company a massive competitive advantage over the competition for many years to come.

Health & Safety Regulations and CE Marking...!

With Health & Safety regulations improving over the years, this has led to a much safer environment in the work place for machine operators to carry out production.

Alongside these improvements all machines placed in the EU market place must now comply with CE Marking and other Safety regulations.

To help inform and guide all people involved with the various machinery regulations, the HSE have published many guide books and leaflets under various ACT's as they come into force over the years.

In the last few decades the number of people that have lost their lives in the workplace "because of contact with moving machinery" has been greatly reduced to fewer than 10 per year,  in comparison with just under 70 in 1973 alone! 

The "human factor" if you will, is one of the most uncontrollable items in the safety triangle...! Where guards, interlocks and sensors are bypassed or altered for production convenience, this may lead to "dangerous occurrences" happening when new people are asked to use the same machines that were otherwise considered safe to operate.

Gone are the days when people were expected to operate machinery in very unsafe conditions...!

Vigilance and improved safety controls are paramount, with so much machine automation taking over complex machine movements.

Therefore, many new machine operators arriving in the modern day workplace, will need to obtain a higher level of training and understanding of their production machinery operations.

The Change From DC to AC Drive Systems:

The most recent changes that I have implement in converting production machinery is in the use of AC Inverters to give high repeat accuracy when combined with the correct controllers in various production machinery operations. The critical requirement in this process is that  the quality of all items used in the power train are manufactured in high quality materials and machined to good engineering standards. Therefore, the whole system is well match to maintain long trouble free life within the designed system dynamics.

In my experience the following items need to be correctly rated for each machine;

  • The motor size in KW output to be powerful enough to do the job expected at the duty required for the task.
  • That the capability of the motor's RPM response time being maintain over its operational range, without any decay over long periods of operation.
  • Gearbox rated KW output & ratios, are calculated to accommodate the machines planned operational range and duty.
  • Finally that the AC Inverters are from a quality manufacturer, that can meet the designed capability and deliver the required output & rated duty, are matched to operate efficiently under all production manufacturing requirements.

Then the setup and tuning of these systems are carried out by dedicated world class electronic technicians to achieve a long lasting durable machine is very achievable, that will need only minimum maintenance over it's long life...! 

Space Age Cutting Tools;

One other big change I have seen happen over the years, is the immense improvement in the quality of materials used in the manufacture of cutting tools that are now used in various top class converting machines. They can retain their cutting edge for much longer periods between regrinds or replacements. Thus giving an extended life in some applications by 2 to 4 times, over the life of the original tools supplied with the machines when new. The result here is a greater improvement in production quality with longer machine running times, there by increased productivity is achievable.

Machine Control Systems:

With the use of dedicated plc systems & pc's controlling the line machinery, coupled with well trained machine operators, that fully understand how to operate the control system of their process machinery to maximum benefit. Companies stand to reap the benefits of increase speed of production & productivity and in many cases making a quantum leap forward from previous know production quantities and improved quality consistency.

The bottom line here is; you can have an improved profitable production line of immense versatility that can be used for the manufacture of a wide range of product lines.

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