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Post Views: 187 We specialise in machinery automation in the paper, corrugated & solid board converting industry, using diverse technologies, robotics and accurate product placement systems for a range of clients in the UK. The experience of our engineering partners in Industrial Automation over many years producing systems & special purpose machines is based upon […]

martins engineering heavy machinery shaft and bearings

Service & Repairs

Post Views: 127 We carry out some great work in record time for many of our clients. When you have a machine break down which can happen at very short notice, we do our utmost to get your machinery running again, sometimes through the use of innovated methods where possible. However; the situation may allow […]

Need a Consultant for your Corrugating business

Engineering Project Consulting

Post Views: 167 In this field of expertise I have joined forces with a well established Company with many years of unique experience in this area of activity. Who can demonstrate and inspire a keen understanding of their expertise & depth of knowledge in the corrugating and solid fibre board industries. We have recently been […]

Martins Engineering design Mods

On The Job Parts Design & Mods

Post Views: 103 There are times when you are called to a job and the parts have got to be made quickly, with no drawings available, the only way forward is to measure up the original part of the machine with minimum loss in production time. So having design skills at hand to complete this task […]

Have a final inspection over head

Renewable & Green Energy Products

Post Views: 215 This is another Key Partner company that I have worked with producing high quality products for the Renewable Energy Industries. They have competent engineers in their field of composite manufacturing for the Renewable & Green Energy sectors. We can help solve your composite problems from design work to completion, in a cost effective […]

Surf Board Made from Laminated Composites

Composite Prototypes & Parts

Post Views: 218 Having worked closely with this great team of people that have assembled a highly skilled and experienced group who have been involved in composites design, manufacture of patterns, tooling, prototypes and subsequent production of components for a wide range of industries to meet high quality international standards.   This is part of an under water funnel system […]

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Modern Reel Handling Methods

Modern Reel Handling Methods

Post Views: 126 I am constantly amazed at the number of people in various factories that I visit in this industry, that ask me about how reels of paper or cardboard & finished products can be automated or moved around a modern manufacturing enterprise? Younger people in various fields of engineering and production machine operators […]

Bearing Axis Problem on a Motor

Industrial Engineers We Can Make a Difference?

Post Views: 724 I have always had a happy job as every day was a new adventure to work with new challenges. But sometimes, you know how it is, you can have an off day…? Some have said that I have the dream job…? Well immmmm..! YES..? See what other people have got to say, […]

Corrugated Boxes come in all sizes

All Corrugators Should Run Like This

Post Views: 740 This is the kind of machinery that can inspire you to do better…! Have you not heard…! but that is our only aim…? You should go and get yourself a coffee before you stop to look at this machine run. Here is a great example of what can be achieved in a […]

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